Dog Sitting

A lot folks have no choice but to be away from home for an extended period of time during any given work day. This is a long time for any dog to be alone and to have to “hold it”! Let us take your dog on a tail-wagging tour for some neighborhood sightseeing, with lots of potty opportunities along the way. Plenty of hugs and kisses included free of charge!

15 Minute Visit/Walk

  • Includes a quick stroll to relieve your dog, with a message update to describe how your dog is doing with each visit. Basic feeding, oral medications given, and refreshing of water all included. If 2 pets or more, we may not be able offer a 15 minute visit due to time restrictions. Please call or email for more details.

30 Minute Visit/Walk

  • Includes dog walk, poop scoop, refreshing water, feeding when necessary. Receive a message (and photos) update on how your dog is doing with each visit. We do our best to provide extra special tail-wagging fun during our visits! If more than 2 pets, please add an additional $5.00 per pet

45 Minute Visit/Walk

  • Includes everything with the above visits and more! Please contact us to discuss the additional services that may be available to accommodate your pets' needs. We can do pool parties, yard play, special games of fetch, and lots of other fun stuff. For more then 2 pets, please add additional $5 per pet