8 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Day

8 Ways to Make A Dog's Day | Pawsitively Professional Pet Services Sarasota FL

If you’re looking for a way to celebrate the simple things in life, look no further than humanity’s best friend — our pups!

Throughout the month of October, Subaru is supporting shelters across the U.S. find forever homes for their dogs — especially those with special needs. And on October 22, they want all of us to celebrate our pups a little more than we usually do.

You might be thinking to yourself, “Well, I try to make my dog’s day every day.” If so, great! Your dog is going to have a really, really, really awesome day then. Here are some simple ways to make your dog’s day, whether on National Make a Dog’s Day, your pet’s birthday, or just any other day of the year.

1. Stock up on their favorite toy.

If Fido has one toy that he cherishes above all the rest of them, why not buy him a back-up? Having a back-up toy can help make traveling easier, plus, you don’t have to stress as hard about the toy eventually being discontinued. The joy in their eyes when they see that they now have two of their favorite toy is totally worth it.

2. Plan an adventure day.

If your dog loves long walks, swimming, or prancing around a pumpkin patch, treat them to it! Plan a day centered around their favorite activity. If you’re local to Sarasota, you might take them for a swim at Brohard Dog Beach, let them experience the rare hill at Celery Fields, or take them for a long stroll around Myakka River State Park. Whatever you do, plan the day around what your pup would love best.

3. Take them for a bonus walk.

If an adventure just isn’t in the cards, try squeezing in a bonus walk or taking them for a slightly different walking route. It may seem simple, but the extra amount of exercise can leave them feeling happy and refreshed, and a new route can provide lots of new and exciting smells. (And if you want to give your dog a bonus walk but can’t take them yourself, give us a ring and we’ll lend a paw.)

4. Sample some new treats.

Your pup may not be able to help themselves to Halloween candy or scraps from the Thanksgiving table, but that doesn’t mean they can’t treat themselves! (Or rather, that we can’t treat them). Local pet supply stores may have treat bars where you can choose individual treats. Or, if you’d rather stock up, check out the delicious and nutritious options that we have available.

5. Give them a thorough brushing.

Okay, we know that a bath might not make your dog’s day, so maybe push that off for another day. Instead, opt for a mini-makeover by giving them a thorough brushing! Brushing your dog’s coat (whether they have short or long fur) can help relax them, stimulate their circulation, and make their hair look shinier and healthier. Plus, you’ll help them shed fur and dead skin cells. It’s a win-win.

6. Schedule their annual appointment.

We know this one isn’t always fun, but it is important! Making our dog’s lives joyful starts with their health, so make sure you’re on top of their annual vaccines and flea and tick preventatives. Okay, back to the really fun stuff.

7. Refresh their bedding.

A good bed can help your pet feel their best, especially if they’re a senior or have joint problems. If their cushion is overdue for a refresh, take the time to either buy them a new bed or run theirs through the wash. Even adding a soft blanket can up the coziness factor (and hey, it’ll cool down in Florida eventually).

8. Set-up a playdate

If you’re feeling a little social distant right now, chances are, your dog is too! Give them the opportunity for some quality canine interaction by setting-up an outdoor playdate with their best dog friend. Or, schedule some time to take them to their favorite dog park during off-peak hours. This is the one kind of zoom meeting we can get behind right now.

Bonus: Adopt a new BFF for your pup! If you’ve been looking to add more love and fluff to your life, consider visiting your local shelter to #MakeADogsDay in an extra special way.

However you choose to make your dog’s day, we hope that it’s fabulous! Your pup deserves it.

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Cassandra Corrado